UPDATE: Sad to say, after recording this interview, Podclear was purchased by BLAB – then BLAB went out of business. 🙁

What was THAT all about?????

But Ringr is still around… so be sure to check out the great recording solution Tim and his team have going over at www.Ringr.com


Perfect sounding audio (technically speaking) is NOT a pipe-dream…

Today’s episode is a head-to-head match-up between two new apps that promise to bring crystal-clear audio to the podcasting industry. The recording is about twice the length of my longest podcast so far, but you won’t be sorry you listened to this episode.

RingrlogoRingr (http://www.Ringr.com) is currently a smart phone app that records a conversation on each side, uploads both files to the cloud, then syncs them for a perfect audio recording without any of the glitches long distance audio and video calls are known for. Tim Sinclair was kind enough to walk me through the Ringr app and answer my questions – which you can hear in this episode. Tim was very gracious and patient with my questions and I want to thank him for such a generous allotment of time and attention to this interview.

pODCLEARPodclear (http://www.Podclear.com) is a browser-based application with similar features, and can also be used through the browser on a smart device for mobile capabilities. It too boasts perfect audio quality because it too records each side of the conversation on its own device and syncs them in the cloud. I spoke with Hannah  Russell-Goodson, a member of the Podclear team for the same kind of walk-through and Q&A. Hannah was a ton of fun to chat with and I totally appreciate her laid-back attitude and the expertise with which she fielded my many questions.

Which application is better? You can listen to the comparison in this episode and make up your own mind! Each conversation was recorded using the app we’re discussing so you can get a “real life” example of the quality the product provides.

I can’t wait to get your feedback. Let me know which you like better at http://www.PodcastFastTrack.com/HeadtoHead

Interesting interviews/articles about these “perfect audio” apps…

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