Our WHY Statement Guides Everything We Do

It’s about more than business – it’s about the kind of people we want to be. If these principles resonate with you, we invite you to request a show-specific quote for your podcast. If you have questions, feel free to contact us to ask them! We don’t bite, we promise!

We believe everyone has a God-given purpose.

…and it’s THAT purpose (for each of our team members and clients) that motivates us to FREE UP THEIR TIME so they can ACCOMPLISH it. We are eager to enable them to do what only they can do in the world.

We believe that caring for our team comes before caring for our clients.

A healthy and empowering culture among our team is vital if we’re going to produce the quality our clients need. For that reason we take care of each other first, our clients second. As a result, our clients get the best people in our niche working on their projects.

We believe that people are more important than things.

That means stuff like profit, timelines, comfort, business, professionalism, work schedules, etc. always come second.

That means we take the extra little bit of time needed to make sure every team member, client, family member, prospective client, or curious person is happy they interacted with us. It means we strive to delight our clients in every service, interaction, or task we do for them.

We believe that truth needs to be spoken.

We believe there really is such a thing as truth.  And we want to be its megaphone.

As a result, we carefully choose the clients we will work with in light of their message and mission. Alignment is vital in order for us to work together effectively. We want the “megaphone” of our creative and professional work to be used to promote what’s truly helpful, not the fluffy nonsense, inane chatter, or misleading rhetoric that’s floating around these days.

We believe that we are called to generosity.

The reason we want our business to thrive is because we believe we are called to help solve the problems and meet the needs in our world. It could take the form of needs that arise in the lives of our team members or friends. It could be a problem on a global scale. As a result, a portion of our profits (at least 10%) is donated to charities – as well as the everyday people in need we happen to brush shoulders with.

We take the cue for our why statement from companies like Apple

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Podcast Fast Track is NOT for everyone…

By reading our why statement, you can see that we hold to a line of conviction on some potentially controversial things. We are not the first to express our convictions through our business…

There are many big name sites/companies like iTunes that restrict content they publish or produce based on content “types.”

It’s a “line in the sand” drawn to clarify what the people behind the company believe and stand for. As an example, you can see the iTunes version of this approach in the image shown.

In the same spirit…

Podcast Fast Track is operated according to our “why statement” principles stated above and according to the convictions and sense of what is “right” held by our owners.

All that means is that like everyone, we have our own particular version of a moral compass that we are committed to following – which especially applies to the type of content we support with our services.

  • It does NOT mean a client has to hold to the same standards we do.
  • It does NOT mean they have to submit to our standards.

But it does mean that if the content the potential client will be producing is drastically out of line with that moral compass, we’ll kindly decline to work with them.

That doesn’t mean we dislike the person or look down on them in any way, it simply means we cannot participate in the distribution of content that is inconsistent with our own moral compass – as is the case and must be the case in a free society, with any person of conscience.

  • Anyone is free to say, podcast, or broadcast anything they want to say.
  • And anyone else is free to refuse to participate in the things the other person wants to say.

We apply this principle on a case by case basis and bring it up early in the discussion if we see a potential area of concern.

If our WHY statement resonates with your WHY, or if you’d like to chat about the specifics of whether we’d be open to working with your podcast, please give us a shout. We’d love to discuss the possibilities of working together.

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