Online Writing Jobs Creating Podcast Show Notes. What A Gig!

online writing jobs - podcast fast track (1)This is not one of your typical online writing jobs.

We are looking for A-players. People who are looking for an ongoing place in a truly committed team of professionals.

And they are people who are…

  • Excellent at writing, not just technically but in terms of knowing what makes for a compelling piece of content
  • Eager to contribute to a team that is striving to love clients well and provide unbelievable value in every interaction
  • Able to understand that the success of our clients’ shows depends largely on the work they do, so they take it seriously
  • Dependable. Period. They don’t give themselves any excuses for not doing their best work, every time, on time.
  • Have no problem working with others and are open to honest feedback and criticism for the sake of personal growth
  • Understand that they can’t do their job alone and are eager to reach out for help when they need it
  • Are people who figure it out – whatever it is. To them, obstacles are opportunities to delight clients even more.

But beyond those raw requirements for our online writing jobs, we ask our team members to be committed to the following…

  • The spirit and direction of our WHY statement
  • Honesty with everyone on the team, for the sake of growth and effecitveness
  • Working with systematized checklists to ensure that quality work is done every time for every client
  • Communicating clearly and often. Understanding is what fuels our success – and communication is what makes it happen
  • Each other. We have each others’ backs. We help each other out. We are FOR each other.
  • Loving clients. Not like. Not tolerate. But LOVE. They can feel how we feel about them, so we take the extra time needed to communicate sweetly and kindly.

Is that the kind of team you want to be a part of? Can you offer something that will make us even better?

If so, we invite you to apply. And be prepared… it’s a LOOONNNNGGG process.

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