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AUDIO EDITING ($75 per episode):


  • Basic filler word removal (ummmm, uhhhh)
  • Long silence removal
  • Background noise removal
  • Audio leveling and peak loudness correction
  • Overall sound optimization
  • Intro & Outros added (can be ducked under other content)
  • Delivered directly to you within 24-hours

AUDIO EDITING + SHOW NOTES ($150 per episode):


  • All audio stuff listed
  • Bullet point outline of topics addressed
  • Short summary (less than 100 words)
  • Long summary (approx. 500 words)
  • Human proofed for spelling & readability (not content)
  • Delivered directly to you within 24-hours

Our 3-step order process

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FAQ: On-Demand Services

Can you make my intro and outro music fade under the main content?

Absolutely. Our order form will ask you about the details of how you want that done.

Can your system include sponsor or in-episode messages?

No, we can’t. That falls under the realm of our custom work, so feel free to reach out to ask about how we can help with that.


Can we ask for a revision on either audio or show notes?

Sorry, no. This is an automated process that takes care of the basics in a generallly reliable manner. If you are looking for custom work (with real people working on your show), you need to ask for a custom quote from our team.

Do you guarantee the show notes to accurately portray my content?

No, we can’t. The AI bots are good, but not that good.  Sometimes they misconstrue what’s being said and it’s up to your team to verify the facts of the summaries.

I haven't received my content and it's been more than 24-hours.

First, you should check your SPAM folder. All of our content delivery is done via email.

If you still can’t find it, reach out to us here to let us know.

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