“Do you think everyone SHOULD podcast?”


“No! Nooo!!”

That’s not what you’d expect to be the very first thing you hear on a podcast episode that’s trying to help you learn how to podcast (or do it better).

But it is… because that’s just WHO my guest on this episode is – Jessica Kupferman.

Jess has an amazing story, one that inspires anyone who will take the time to listen with the belief that THEY can do it too. That’s because Jessica is a real-world person who has taken on podcasting with both hands.

Click the play button now – and get to know Jessica and the work she’s doing to help women podcasters around the world to stand up, speak up, and get their message out to change the world.

You’ll benefit from listening to this episode if you…

>> Feel like you don’t always fit in

>> Have something to say that is important, but you don’t know exactly how to say it

>> Are looking for a way to use the gifts you’ve been given to help others

>> Aren’t afraid of exploring your talents and how they might be used to add value to the lives of others

>> Are (finally) OK being the outsider and are willing to help other outsiders

>> Are a woman podcaster who is eager to find your “tribe”

Listening to podcasts when podcasts weren’t cool

Jessica was first exposed to podcasts by her husband, who showed her how to listen to podcasts while she worked in a job she hated.

She thought it was the nerdiest thing she’d ever seen – but when she found The Ricky Gervais Show, she was hooked. He is a funny guy, after all. That led Jess to being invited to serve as a guest on another podcast (about business… what else)? Once she got a taste of that, she saw that there were other shows out there doing the same thing, but in her words, “All of them were made by Dudes, primarily for Dudes.”

So she got busy trying to make something specifically for women podcasters – Lady Business Radio. She didn’t want to be the typical, “How-did-you-become-successful” sort of interview show. She says she wanted to get nosy, to find out how real life was for her guests, and how that might be helpful to her audience of women.

That’s where she learned to use systems to automate as much as she could. She didn’t trust herself to keep track of everything, so she made as much automated as possible.  She’s got a lot to teach us about how to do that – which she shares in part during this episode.

HINT: If you’re a woman podcaster Jessica could be a great coach for you when it comes to those systems.


Connecting with women podcasters turned a corner for Jessica, in a good way 

When Jessica first started “Lady Business Radio” she discovered that she didn’t find herself inhibited by the barriers that typically hinder women from starting a podcast. That made her curious. She felt that the barriers women came up against needed to be overcome and she wanted to discover what they were and how to help women get past them. So she went on a crusade to figure out that problem and help women become podcasters.

At Social Media Marketing World she met a group of women podcasters who inspired her and who talked about the issues SHE felt were important to women. One of those was her now-partner in She Podcasts, Elsie Escobar (listen to my interview with Elsie here). She was invited by Elsie to join her as co-host for a podcast designed specifically for Women Podcasters, which she considered to be a great honor, and the two of them took off like rockets. I’m not kidding, what they’ve been able to do with She Podcasts is nothing short of fantabulous. Events, communities, mastermind coaching groups – the works!

Elsie says Jessica is the brains behind all of it and I believe that after speaking to her for this episode.

 Jessica Kupferman - women podcaster coach (1)

ADD was a hurdle for Jessica — but she has overcome its impact for the most part


Jessica has benefited tremendously from producting podcasts of her own. She’s been able to do public speaking (which she always wanted to do), she and Elsie have been featured in some prominent publications online and in print, and she’s become a powerful influencer in the podcasting space. She’s a leader in the industry and is able to help women get their podcasting efforts underway, in spite of the obstacles. She’s one of the people out there I’d recommend whole-heartedly.

Jessica pauses in the middle of her story to explain how she has been impacted by Attention Deficid Disorder, and why it’s important for her story. She has overcome the difficulties presented by ADD, partly through using medication wisely and partly through learning to optimize herself and her processes to work effectively. I think it’s very encouraging — and I don’t even suffer from ADD. She’s one of those “never give up” people who pushes through the difficulties.

She shares about her situation openly and about the resistence she first felt about taking medication. In her words, “There’s no good reason for it, it’s just an instinct… but there’s no good reason,” other than the ability she has to ignore it. I’m the same way. When I get focused I don’t want to take the time to do anything else. We’ve got something in common there. I totally get it.


We are all human beings and have our own limitations. That’s why Jessica’s story is so encouraging 

As you know, Jessica does NOT think every person out there should produce a podcast. Some of the reasons she feels that way are…

  • Some people are incredibly boring. They should not think a podcast is a good fit for them
  • If you’re thinking podcasting is going to be a cash cow, you should NOT start a podcast
  • Lacking in passion about your topics? Save yourself the grief and DON’T start a podcast
  • If you don’t want to work at it, dont’ start. It’s so much hustle and work if you are going to be successful

This was SO MUCH FUN! Be sure to connect with Jessica online


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