Interview Valet is a pretty cool service…

Tom Schwab and company are working hard to help people with a…

  • Book to promote
  • A business to run
  • A course to launch
  • A story to tell

Get exposure through being a guest on podcasts where the audience is the EXACT people the person is trying to reach.

On this episode you’re going to hear from Tom about how Interview Valet works. We talk about:

  • The basics of what Interview Valet is
  • How it works for podcast guests
  • The monthly pricing for the service
  • How it works for podcast hosts (it’s FREE)
  • And the amazing affiliate program Interview Valet offers to all podcasters (not guests)

If you’ve ever thought that being a guest on a podcast would be a great way to promote your thingie-ma-bob – you’re right, and Tom and the team at Interview Valet can help you make it a reality.

And if you need quality, vetted guests for your podcast – contact the folks at Interview Valet to get some guests for your show lined up.

Resources we talked about – Go here to sign up to get guests on your show – the special page designed just for you – the PODCASTIFICATION listener.


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