Scott Voelker produces an Amazon FBA Podcast — and for many of you, that statement was total jibberish. That’s because Scott has discovered that driving deep into a niche topic enables him to attract a very niche and passionate audience. So, just so you have some context…

The FBA part of what I said stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon,” it’s a way of selling products you create or source and have Amazon ship them, handle customer service, handle the processing – everything. It’s an AMAZING possibility for those who want to build their own product-based business. But it’s NOT easy, as Scott explains. You’ll hear his story, learn about how he learned online marketing and creativity

Since these show notes were written Scott has changed his podcast name from The Amazing Seller to Rock Your Brand Podcast.

You’ll benefit from listening to this episode if you…

  • Are willing to take action to move forward… no matter where you’re starting from [0:52] 
  • Love stories of people who’ve paid their dues to reach success [4:36]
  • Wonder if you can succeed without a college degree [10:48]
  • Are in a situation that feels hopeless or “dead end” [15:35]
  • Have always wanted to start and run your own business [17:30]
  • Are curious about selling Private Label products [30:40]
  • Want to learn how to make your own luck and build an audience [37:10]
  • Would like to know the benefits of creating your own  podcast [41:20]
  • Are interested in discovering what you have to offer an audience [43:20]
  • Need to learn to manage insecurity even when you’re successful [47:15]



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Difficult circumstances can’t be allowed to define you

One of the aspects of Scott’s story that I appreciate moset, which you’ll hear on this episode, is his description of the environment he grew up in. It’s a story that involves an alcoholic mother who suffered with various mental illness-related issues, a Dad who was committed to doing what it took to provide for his family regardless, and a son (Scott) who was eager to learn from the sacrifices his Dad made.

When you first hear Scott’s description of it, you cringe with pain over what it must have been like for him. But as he continues you realize that you’re hearing the voice of man with a very unique attitude and perspective. He’s not the type to let difficulties define him, and that’s pretty rare. Scott learned, through a series of opportunities and challenges that he could overcome the difficulties, and that they actually served to make him a better man, businessman, and entrepreneur. Listen. I think you’ll be very encouraged by Scott’s attitude and will be eager to develop the same mindset yourself.

People willing to do the work will succeed where others don’t

When Scott first started his Amazon Private Label business, the policies that governed how the process worked were much simpler than they are now. His first year he made 6 figures just experimenting and figuring it out. But that didn’t last. Amazon began changing policies, unsavory types began “stealing” his hard work and labeling their own products with it, and more. It made selling on Amazon much tougher, but Scott didn’t mind (there’s that amazing mindset again).

Scott realized that the more difficult it was to sell on Amazon, the less people would be willing to put in the work to succeed at it. That’s a recipe for amazing opportunities in his book. He decided to double-down, to become a specialist at what it takes to succeed selling products on Amazon and success was the natural outcome. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, made by comedian Steve Martin. “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” That’s thet attitude that defines everything Scott has done online.


Why create an Amazon FBA Podcast?

As Scott got rolling with his Amazon FBA business he wanted to give others a peek into the successes and failures he was experiencing. He wasn’t interested in being a Guru, he only wanted to be a guide who was bit further down the path than those who followed what he was doing. He got the idea for a podcast that highlighted his own journey by listening to Pat Flynn’s show, “Smart Passive Income.” So he set out to produce a podcast of his own focusing on Amazon FBA. It was a hit.

The Amazing Seller podcast publishes three times a week and has since Scott started it back in January of 2015. (You can hear his very first episode here). And these are full-length episodes for the most part. Scott does the work it takes to dig into the topics that are relevant to Amazon Sellers who want to truly succeed through hard work and business savvy. You won’t find a better Amazon FBA Podcast out there.

Scott’s one of those clients who makes me very proud. He’s one of the first “success stories” I point out to people who wonder what a podcast could do for them. Listen to his story on this episode. You’ll see just how possible it is to make a podcast that serves your industry or niche AND sets you up for success.

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