Podcasts work as a POWERFUL B2B marketing and sales tool, NO DOUBT

Decision-makers are always looking for better ways to drive revenue and market share… and podcasts are one of the most user-friendly ways they can do that research in spare moments like commuting and exercise.

If you’re not creating a podcast that speaks directly TO your target B2B buyer, you are missing out.

And I say that unapologetically.

It’s not only possible but ESSENTIAL that you create every aspect of your podcast with THAT buyer (audience) in mind.

But before we get there, let’s ask the basic question of WHY podcasts work to drive leads and generate B2B sales.


Why SPECIFICALLY do podcasts work to drive leads and conversions in B2B relationships?

Podcasting is an INTIMATE medium

Get in the head of your b2b prospect - earbuds picture (1)


Your message literally gets inside the head of your ideal listener (prospect).

YOU are the voice they choose to listen to for that 10 minutes to an hour (however long your podcast episodes tend to be).

And if they are a regular listener, that impact compounds over time.


Podcast audiences are filled with QUALIFIED LEADS

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Think about this one for a minute.

People who are NOT interested in your subject (product, service, industry) don’t listen to your show.

So what does that say about those who DO listen to your show?

They ARE interested. Enough to listen and/or subscribe.

So they are your PERFECT prospects… and your consistent delivery of pain-relieving content will engender trust and build rapport that leads to engagement and eventual sales.

BONUS: They will also talk to other people who are interested in your subject and tell them about your show.


You can align episodic content with CTAs that match specific goals

B2B podcasts align content and ctas to specific goals - image of plot graph

Every marketing or sales campaign worth its salt has SPECIFIC goals for the campaign, right?

Podcast episodes can be structured (should be structured) to align with those specific goals.


By creating episodic content (or series) about those subjects.

And by adding CTAs (calls to action) and offers that make it easy for listeners to move into the campaign sales funnel.

So what are your goals?

  • Capture qualified leads?
  • Demonstrate expertise?
  • Build brand awareness?
  • Present case studies?
  • Highlight client success stories?

Whatever your goals, you can align podcast episodes to those goals and create a continual influx of qualified leads as your podcast grows.


Podcasts powerfully enable customer research

One of the most overlooked ways for B2B podcasters to do EFFECTIVE customer and prospect research is by talking directly TO the people they want to become their customers.

There is NO more natural way to do that than to invite those ideal customers or consumers to be guests on your podcast.

As you get into their real-life situations you discover their real-life (and real-business) needs that your company can meet.

Learning from the buying journey of your exact prospects informs your marketing, your positioning, your product development… all the things.

And talking with those prospects in a podcast-interview format lowers the barriers and develops a relationship faster.


But Podcasts ONLY work for B2B IF…

a) You are willing to make stand-out content listeners anticipate

Your ideal prospects will only give your show a try and STICK AROUND if you give them “can’t miss” content.

b) You are willing to iterate and experiment

It takes time to dial in the right approach for YOUR ideal audience. Impatience will kill your efforts.

c) You decide to be in it for the long haul

It’s a proven fact of Content Marketing: Those who make quality content, CONSISTENTLY, win.


Got questions about B2B podcasting - do raising paw


Get your B2B podcast plan going!

It’s not easy to figure all this stuff out.

Which is why we are here!

Our team can help you target the right audience for your business, develop a podcast format and structure that meets their needs, and get things rolling consistently.

Without YOU having to do all the legwork.

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