You want to grow your podcast. I want to grow My podcast(s). There’s no question that we all want to reach a broader audience. That’s part of why we podcast in the first place – we have something to share that we believe will help people. So… there are always new things to learn when it comes to promotion, marketing, building an audience, and so forth and such and such.

BUT – BUT – BUT – there are some things that I BET you have not considered when it comes to growing the audience for your podcast. What is that mysterious thing? (Yes, I know – you’ve already seen it in the show, but it’s so much fun to say “mysterious,” don’t you think? Or is that just hype-y?). It’s apps. A custom app. For your podcast. For you to provide free of charge to your audience. It’s possible. It’s affordable, and it’s something you should consider yesterday.

So – on this episode of Podcastification Rob Walch is my guest again – who is, by the way, the most-frequently-appearing guest on this show. He’s a pretty gracious guy to put up with all of my shenanigans, don’t you think? He’s got the Libsyn (affiliate) solution to the app need to tell us all about – so you can hear what they’ve got for you and your audience, on this episode.

You can have your own membership site – right on your listener’s phone!

This episode is mainly about audience growth – but there are other aspects to having an app for your podcast that are incredibly powerful. One of the options that THIS humble podcaster thinks is incredibly powerful is to use the app to provide “member only” content to special subscribers (those who pay for the additional content). Libsyn has it all set up for you, takes care of the payment, and handles all the tech issues. It’s pretty incredible and a way that you can make money off your podcast that you likely haven’t thought about. So… what are you waiting for? Listen to this episode to find out more!

People who don’t know about podcasting can be added to your podcast audience.

An app is a very cool way to find people who are totally, rabidly, incredibly interested in the things you talk about – but do NOT listen to podcasts. Here’s a scenario: Somebody is interested in underwater basket weaving (which happens to be what YOU podcast about. Come on… work with me, here). They get it into their noggin that there might be a pretty cool underwater basket weaving app in the IOS or Google Play store. So they go looking. And guess what? They enter the keyword “underwater basket weaving” and they find YOUR podcast app. They don’t know about podcasting, but it’s an app – and they know about that. So they download it, listen, read, check out whatever you’re offering via your app. And Walah! You’ve just discovered another way to grow your podcast.

Find out more stuff like this that an app can do for you, on this episode.

Here’s a rough outline of our chat about growing your podcast via apps…

  • [1:24] Back with Rob Walch, winner of the “Most Frequent Guest” award. 🙂
  • [2:33] Why Libsyn was one of the first to get into the App Game.
  • [4:05] How an app can grow your audience – real life examples.
  • [5:50] But aren’t custom apps expensive? NOPE. Really.
  • [10:37] How you can monetize your show via “paid” portions of your app.
  • [15:27] The steps you can take to get your app rolling today!]
  • [26:10] Get YOUR branding on the homescreen of your listener’s phones.

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