Audacity For Podcasting (and non-podcasters, too!)

You can create professional sounding audio using FREE podcast software for editing (Audacity) and this easy-to-follow course.

We break it down for you, step by step to show you EXACTLY what you need to know, and none of what you don’t.

Learn To Use This Free Podcast Software To Professionally Produce Your Show (or for someone else)

While Audacity is not ONLY podcast software, it’s widely used for podcasting by amateur and professional editors alike. In fact, Audacity is the first go-to software of many beginning podcasters.

But free doesn’t mean “effective.” It only becomes an effective software for podcasting when you, the podcaster, take the time to learn how to use it well.

That’s what this course is about – helping you truly MAKE Audacity into podcast software that works for you.

This course – “Audacity For Podcasting” is designed to help you take the trial-and-error OUT of your podcasting journey so you can begin producing quality audio for your podcast episodes quickly and easily.

Podcast Fast Track’s founder – Carey Green – has spent his entire podcasting career inside the Audacity interface and has learned many helpful tips, tricks, hacks, and shortcuts to using the Audacity software effectively for podcasting. He created this course in bite-sized, actionable chunks so you can digest and apply what you’re learning right away.

Top that off with his bent toward teaching and over 20 years experience in teaching adults and you have a winning combination!

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