Our DIY Podcast Course: How to Podcast Step By Step

If you are a DIY gal or guy – this is the podcast course for you!

Our DIY Podcast Course – How To Podcast Step By Step – is an amazing, 12 module video course that walks you through everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) you need to know in order to start from scratch and begin a successful podcasting journey.

And none of the things you don’t. 😉

We’ve taken years of experience working with podcasters old and new and have condensed it into these modules.

When you finish this course, you won’t only know WHAT to do, you’ll understand WHY you’re doing it, how it is going to help your podcast grow in discoverability and listenership.

Each module of the course is short, actionable, and easy to follow. You won’t get lost. You won’t get in over your head.

And here’s the part that helps you DIYers actually get it done:

Every step includes downloadable PDF worksheets to help you put the DIY podcast training you’re receiving into action right away.


Video 1: What Is A Podcast?

Video 2: How Does A Podcast Work?

Video 3: Basic Elements You Need

Video 4: Know Your Audience

Video 5: Naming Your Show

Video 6: What To Record

Video 7: Get The Right Gear

Video 8: What Type of Show?

Video 9: Start Recording

Video 10: Create Incredible Cover Art

Video 11: Choose A Media Host

Video 12: Set Up Distribution

And 3 BONUS Videos!


And just because you’re you… here’s the intro module of the course!


This DIY Podcast Course is seriously worth over $500, but for $99 and a diligent investment of your time (you need to invest SOMETHING in in your own education in order for it to matter to you), you’ll be ready to roll.

How To Podcast Step By Step Video Course: $99

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