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Do you want your show to have that “professional quality” feel that unique podcast intro music can provide?

Now you can have it… all yours, without spending an arm and a leg to get it.

We’ve partnered with some amazing musicians to provide you with one-of-a-kind custom podcast music for your show intro and outro.

You’re going to LOVE what these composers can do

  • Any style (from heavy rock to classical)
  • Original melody and sound (it’s unique, like you)
  • Nobody else will EVER use the same music you have – you own it!

Music Samples

(All tracks are samples, fading in and fading out. Your custom track will be without the fades and different than these in the ways you indicate.)

FAQ: Custom Podcast Intro & Outro Music

Do I get full rights to the music I purchase?

YES! The composers we work with will provide you with a release naming you and your podcast the rights to use the composition for your show as you see fit.

No loopholes. No restrictions.

You will NEVER hear your music on any other podcast (unless someone steals it).

What if I don't like the music?

Our composers will do their best to create a work in the same STYLE you provide. Keep in mind, it’s not ethical or legal to duplicate a piece outright.

If there are changes you’d like them to do to the piece they’ve created, they’ll work with you to make adjustments to your liking.

If you can’t come to a place of satisfaction – we’ll refund you.

What length are these pieces you create?

Our fee of $299 is for a 45 second original composition, with full rights for using it on one podcast.

But keep in mind that you can use the same music for both your custom podcast intro and your custom podcast outro.

And heck, you could use it for transitions as well.

And our team will happily edit the track to make it shorter or longer (at your direction) for no extra charge.

Get Your Podcast Intro and Outro Music Started


You are purchasing a 45-second professionally composed custom music track with full rights to use forever.

Our team will happily edit the track shorter or longer – to your liking – for no extra charge.

After your purchase, our team will connect with you to get all the details and get your music rolling!

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