Here is a simple question that shows the power podcasting has for B2B…

Would your company benefit more from a FREE Super Bowl half-time commercial or… from 30 minutes a week, year after year, providing engaging and valuable content to your ideal prospects?

We’ve heard the hype about how much Super Bowl half-time commercials cost. And it’s no joke. I looked it up.

In 2020, a 30-second commercial spot for the Super Bowl was $5.6 MILLION dollars.

That’s MILLION (in case you missed it)

But besides the cost, you need to know how EFFECTIVE that outlay of cash is for your organization.

I found some thoughts about that online.

No marketer in their right mind would tell you that’s an effective use of money for most businesses.

So what is?




Think about this…seriously.

The average, high-quality podcast can be started for less than $300.

There could be as much as $100 monthly that goes into the ongoing cost of platforms and online tools.

If you choose to have the production outsourced, you’re talking $1500-ish per month for most full-service pocasting packages.

SO TOTAL: $1600/monthly – $300 one-time.

Compare THAT to your Super Bowl commercial when it comes to costs.


But what about the results?

b2b podcast effectiveness


It’s hard to pin down the data on podcast effectiveness because it’s technically troublesome to track audio-based calls to action (and most podcasters are very bad at doing what it takes to make the best of this bad situation).

But given the following realities about the nature of podcast audiences and podcast listening, we can make some pretty safe conclusions…

  • People only listen to a podcast regularly if they are interested in its subject-matter
  • If that’s the case, it means that if they are listening to your B2B podcast it’s because they care about the things you’re talking about
  • If so, they are in your “audio funnel” – hearing your content week after week after week (assumed)
  • Brand awareness, identity, and value are established through this kind of repetition
  • CTAs built into “favorite” podcasts take advantage of the “know, like, trust” factor


B2B podcasts are mind control - pocket watch hanging in front of chair


Our Founder was once speaking with a prospective client about the impact some of our clients were seeing from their podcasts.

When describing the download numbers one podcast client was experiencing (over 10,000 downloads per episode at the time… and he published three episodes per week), the prospective customer responded this way…

That’s not influence, that’s mind control!

Do you get what he’s saying?

When you invest the money and time to provide great content to a loyal audience episode after episode, the level of trust that is developed is amazing.

That audience values what you say… and therefore what you recommend. Even if it’s your own product or service.

The power of repeated free content (a podcast) consumed on a regular basis, is incalculable.


Could you use some help with thinking this through?

b2b podcasting questions - dog rasing its paw


Our team works with successful entrepreneurs and B2B podcasters every day of the week.

We get to see what works, what doesn’t, and how to maximize effort to achieve results.

And we would love to share that expertise with you to get your B2B (or entrepreneurial) podcast off the ground and headed toward that MIND-CONTROL status.

Reach out. We’d love to chat.

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