I think we all want to know what it takes to make our podcasts better.

But before we get there, we also want to make sure that we don’t START our show with a whimper (can you say, “wimpy?”)

The best way to START right is to do so with the right END in mind.

Seth Godin really helps us here…

I’ve been reading his book, “This is Marketing” lately – and SO much of it relates directly to podcasting.

Here are some great tips I’ve learned from his book… and realized I’ve also seen played out in my work with podcast clients since 2015.

If you are smart about it, you can apply Seth’s advice to make a good podcast, starting with your launch.

OR you can make the one you’ve already created, even better!

1 listen more to your podcast audience

Start with empathy in order to see a real need

When you wonder what you should create (episode topics, podcast format, next guest to invite onto your show, and more…) you need to clearly have your audience’s needs in mind.

Ask “What would matter here?

In other words, what would matter to THEM (not you)? What would change THEIR world, THEIR story, THEIR outcomes?

When you know the answer to this question, you’re able to be empathetic… and that empathy helps you FEEL what they feel so you can understand the TRUE needs they have.

You’re putting yourself in their shoes.

Then you can see a whole world of possibilities for content, direction, and more.

1 - do you know your smallest viable podcast audience

Focus on the smallest viable market

It sounds really, really, really, REALLY strange to shoot for a SMALL target audience. But when you do, amazing things become possible that would NEVER happen with a large target audience.

  • You can talk about NICHE issues that most people don’t care about…
  • Conversations on your show can go INTO THE WEEDS with detail…
  • Guests who are unknown to the mass market become HUGE RESOURCES…

And every one of those things SERVES the small audience you’ve chosen to help.

So on the journey to figuring out who that audience is… ask this question…

Ask, “How few people could find this indispensable and still make it worth doing?


1 are you telling the story your podcast audience wants to hear (1)

Show up with a story that they WANT to hear, told in a language that they’re EAGER to understand

Once you know hour audience, you’ll be able to understand the story they are participating in.

Then you’ve got to tell it in a way they can’t help but listen to.

Making them the hero.

Casting them in the pivotal roles.

Showing them how the story you’re telling is THEIR story (or can be).

If all of this sounds like a bunch of fluff to you, I encourage you to check out what’s going on over at https://storybrand.com/.

1 is your podcast message easy to spread (1)

Make it easy to spread

If your message is aligned with th story of your ideal listeners, then they are going to WANT to spread the word.

That’s key… don’t miss it.

Your show has got to be so interesting, so helpful, so engaging, so aligned with what that audience already believes, feels, wants… that they SHARE IT with people they know who are like them.

If every member brings in one more member, within a few years, you’ll have more members than you can count!

And membership is a great monetization strategy when it’s done properly.

I work with one show that as of 5/2021 has a membership that provides $2200 a month in recurring revenue.

And the show adds at least one partner every week.

Reach out if you’re interested in hearing more about that approach.

And SOME of how you help the word about your podcast spread is in the FUN and APPEALING ways YOU and your FANS spread the word.

Consider using audiogram or video tools on social media to create catchy, fun clips or visuals that grab attention and drive potential listeners to your subscription/follow options.

One that I really like is…

This platform has a free version and allows you to create some fresh-looking, fun visuals that draw eyes to your social media post. Here’s a quick video they’ve put together that shows just how easy it is to create one of their visuals, using their online tool!

1 can your podcast audience go deeper with you (1)

Offer ways to go deeper

Instead of looking for members for your work, look for ways to do work for your members.

As you serve them in ways that further connect them to your brand and services, they become stuck there (not in a bad way).


Because THEY value it. THEY see it adding good to their lives.

They experience it as something that serves where they want to go.

Would YOU willingly abandon something that serve you in vital and important ways?

Not a chance.

Your listeners won’t either, but you’ve got to BE that vital service.

So figure out ways to serve them more, better, and significantly.

Ask them what those ways might be.

At every step…

CREATE and RELIEVE tension.

What does that mean?

Raise the need, and then meet it generously.


As you do, you become indespensible to your listeners.

But more importantly, you serve them.


In ways that matter to them.

1 keep humbly serving your podcast audience (1)

Make sure you show up HUMBLY and CONSISTENTLY

This is a two-parter, so let’s take each one at a time.


A cocky person is NO FUN to listen to.

Why? Because it’s all about THEM.

Listeners begin to feel used, not cared for.

So keep yourself in the right perspective.

You’re nothing but the servant, the vessel through which their benefit is coming to them.

You’re not the Queen of the doman or the King of the membership.

You are the lead servant.

So serve.


Your audience will notice if you are inconsistent… and will forgive a few outlying incidences.

But if you begin to seem unreliable, they will treat you (and your podcast) like you are.

So publish regularly. Predictably. As much as life allows it to happen.

And if you can’t, communicate with your listeners honestly and re-set the expectations (remember the humility part?)

b2b podcasting questions - dog rasing its paw

That’s it! Important ways to make your podcast BETTER (or launch with more purpose)

Reach out to us if you have questions or would like help thinking through your show concept, podcasting strategy, anything!


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