UPDATE: Sad to say – after recording this episode Clammr eventually decided to close its doors. Sad. Very Sad.

But never fear – there’s another service that does a very similar thing to Clammr that is actually making great strides in the industry. You can learn about Wavve in my interview with Baird Hall, one of it’s co-founders.


Do you need help promoting your podcast?

I can’t think of a podcaster who could do without a boost of exposure and notice for the great content they’re putting out. I think – possibly – perhaps, we’ve stumbled upon something that can make an entire world of difference in the way people come to know about your podcast and become followers of the great things you’re doing online.

I’m talking about Clammr,  and amazing online and IOS app that enables you to create small sound bytes from your podcast episodes and post them on the clamour platform, on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and even in bed it on your website and the websites of others.

On this episode of Podcastification I am talking with one of the creators of Clammr, Parviz Parvizi about how the app works, how they came up with the idea and got it rolling, and how you can you use this incredible tool to promote your podcast.

The two of us even got into a little bit of a chat about how this could be used on a broader scale for promotional networks and things like that. It’s got me thinking about some possible Services my this could provide for our clients and many others in a way that saves time and gets great results.

You can hear all of that and more on this episode of Podcastification.

The Clammr User Guide


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