The better your connections with your listeners – the better your connection with the EXACT people who can propel your podcast and brand forward. Just think about the way people feel connected to Apple or Southwest Airlines, or Tom’s Shoes – those things don’t happen by accident. And YOU have the opportunity to make it EASIER and MORE CONVENIENT for your listening audience to connect with you… and I’m going to tell you a way that you can do it, on this episode of Podcastification.

What I cover on this episode about making better connections:

  • [2:03] Using the description portion of podcast apps to your (and your listener’s) advantage.
  • [6:49] Where do you put all your cool information? This needs some explaining…
  • [9:31] Do you know what feed you fed to iTunes?
  • [12:15] Where do you post all your cool info that will help you make better connections with your audience ?
  • [14:54] My best practices for what to post in your description (but make up your own mind).
  • [19:40] Timestamps can be VERY useful to your listeners. Here’s how to include them.
  • [21:22] Images can help your listeners trust you more. Talk about better connections! Trust is what you want!
  • [23:09] Help your not-so-savvy listeners know HOW they can use your resources (it’s called marketing).
  • [24:59] Helping your listeners help you (and them).

Do you know what feed you fed to iTunes?

If you’re going to make full use of the process I describe in this episode to better connect with your listeners, you’re going to need where your podcast feed is coming from. What? You don’t know what a podcast feed, is? That’s OK – I’ll tell you on this episode. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, I’m going to tell you exactly how to DISCOVER where your podcast feed is coming from and make use of that information to best effect. Sounds like a super-secret-government-conspiracy. But it’s not. It’s just learning the tech that is at your disposal to give yourself more opportunities to build better connections with your listening audience.

What is the point of making better connections with your listeners?

Whether or not you are using your podcast to generate money or not, if you think about the connections you make with your listeners from a marketing perspective, I think you will easily see why it’s vital that you get this right. Your listeners are not just leads for whatever you are promoting, they are hot leads. They have self selected to listen to your show and to receive counsel from you as their expert. That means they are chomping at the bit to receive your advice, apply it, and possibly even purchase whatever you create. And they are more likely to take that final step if they know, like, and trust you. That means they need to be connected to you in a way that they feel comfortable with. Are you getting my drift? Find out how to use the current technology to make it easier for them to make those connections with you, on this episode.

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