Every brand or niche has its own language…

That’s because its participants need specific words to describe their needs and interests.

With that in mind… do YOU know the right questions to ask to discover how your niche or branded podcast can best serve your target audience?

If you don’t… you’ll have a very hard time…

  • ATTRACTING the right audience
  • BUILDING a show they appreciate
  • OFFERING things they need and want
  • MAINTAINING their loyalty long-term
  • GROWING your podcast

Convinced yet? Let’s take a look at how to find the right podcast audience by honing in on your podcast bulls-eye.

001 podcast audience bullseye with stories

1: What stories can YOU tell that nobody else can tell – OR in a WAY that nobody else can tell it?

Telling stories that are DIFFERENT will make you stand out.

We’re not talking about making stuff up… but digging into the resources of your experience in your industry or niche to mine out the gold.

What sort of stories are we talking about?

  • Customer successes
  • Case-studies
  • Before and After scenarios
  • Problem > growth > resolution stories

These are nothing new. They are the basic framework of every story ever written or told.

But YOU have to do the work to look through your experiences and FIND them (they are there, trust me).

When you do, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of the bulls-eye you need to hit for your podcast audience.

001 - your podcast audience need experts you can provide

2: What experts or resources can we access and feature that nobody else can access?

Interview podcasts. (YAWN)

They seem to be the typical go-to for most shows in business these days. And they are BORING (for the most part).

Why are they so boring?

Because the host and production team haven’t done the WORK required to make them not-boring.

That work begins with some basic questions…

  • Do you have special access to resources your podcast audience needs?
  • Do you have contacts that can add something special to your podcast?
  • Do you have clients or happy customers who can help potential clients or customers answer their own questions?
  • Will your host (even if they are the CEO) take the time to become an EXCELLENT interviewer?

TAKE ADVANTAGE of the resources you have at your disposal!

001 your podcast audience needs your expertise

3: What subject matter within your niche are you uniquely qualified to talk about?

Look through your history with those you serve.

What are the common themes?

What are the common problems you’ve helped them solve?

Your podcast audience is the SAME people with the SAME kinds of problems.

So take a deep-dive into those past experiences to discover your unique superpowers within your niche or industry.

Touch on those things in the content you serve up on your podcast.

Your podcast audience will want to hear your perspective because it touches on THEIR experience just like it does for those you’ve helped in the past.

Your podcast audience needs your unique point of view

4: What is OUR unique point of view about the issues our niche or industry faces?

May people who feel they should start a podcast look at the competition within their niche or industry and convince themselves that they don’t have much to offer in comparison.

That is SO wrong.

Why? Because those podcasters are not YOU.

They don’t have your experiences.

They don’t have your viewpoint.

They don’t have your personality and approach.

How do you think about the things that are common pain points in your industry?

It is probably different than what others think.

But similar to what your podcast audience thinks.

Do you see the connection there? When you connect with your podcast audience over areas of similar perspective and conviction — POWERFUL things begin to happen.

your podcast audience needs the show that only you can make (1)

5: What is the podcast/show that only we can make?

Put all of this together — then stir up your creative juices.

Add a dash of your perspective.

Include a hearty helping of your personality.

Sprinkle in stories and inspiring results.

Find some unique production elements or ongoing themes to make a regular part of your show… and…

WALLAH, you have a podcast unlike any other!

THAT is what your podcast audience is looking for.

your podcast audience needs the show that only you can make (1)


Reach out to us for help if you need to think it through from a “How-do-I-do-that-in-a-podcast?” perspective!


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