Podcast social media is NOT an easy thing to pull off.

Why? Because you don’t want to be the gal who’s always posting…

“Listen to my podcast!”

“Did you know I have a podcast?”

“Here’s an episode of my podcast!”


So how DO you do social media for podcasting in a way that is both effective and palatable for the people who are seeing it?

The amazing Elsie Escobar is my guest to talk about all things podcast social media!

What we talk about

  • [1:20] The social media maven of podcasting: Elsie Escobar
  • [3:33] Elsie’s role as “Community Manager” at Libsyn
  • [6:14] Develop rapport on social media that makes people care about your posts
  • [10:19] What it means to be “honest with yourself” about your social media practices
  • [13:10] The general basics of promoting your podcast on social media
  • [19:58] Different social media platforms need different types of content
  • [28:01] My sci-fi fantasy role-play for Elsie to respond to
  • [35:27] How to handle social media platforms you don’t enjoy
  • [38:54] Disclaimers and corrections to Elsie’s podcast social media video
  • [46:42] How to resonate with your avatar with a consistent message

Connect with Elsie

Resources Mentioned

  • Rob Walch
  • Paul Colligan
  • Libsyn (use our affiliate code “PFT” to get up to 1 ½ months off)
  • The Feed Podcast (from Libsyn) – if you’re not listening, you should be
  • Pat Flynn
  • “Cory” – the mystery person Elsie kept referring to. I think she meant me. 😉
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