We do every aspect of podcast production… but that’s not all!

We also care. More. About you and your message. That’s why we apply an unheard-of level of care to everything we do for our clients. That’s our goal – our commitment to our clients. And it happensIncredibly. Powerfully. Really.

Click your adventure below…


All the Podcast Production Services We Offer... For Now... We NEVER Stop Learning & Growing


Podcast editing services

  • Podcast editing to your specifications
  • Audio optimization (leveling, compression, noise removal, etc.)
  • Addition of needed ID3 tags
  • Mixing everything together
  • Media host posting
  • Feedback to help you improve

Oooo, Tell me more…


Intro & Outro Voiceovers

  • Professional voice talent
  • Male or female available
  • Any accent, you pick!
  • Casual, professional, girl next door?
  • We’ll mix it with your music for you

P-P-Professional! Here I come!


SEO Crafted Show Notes

  • Every episode keyword researched
  • Professionally trained writers
  • Written to entice readers to become listeners
  • Includes headers, time-stamps, resources
  • Tweets and social paragraphs included
  • Posted/scheduled on your behalf – relax!

More listeners? Tell me more…


Podcast Consulting

  • Audio quality review & suggestions
  • Vocal coaching & instruction
  • Show notes assessment & tips
  • Promotional review & strategy
  • Directory listing enhancements
  • Community building ideas & tips
  • Website best-practice review

Coach me!


Podcast Cover Art

  • Tell us what you want
  • Professional artists create it
  • You get to review it and tweak it
  • We don’t stop until you’re happy
  • Include headshots, logos, etc.
  • Your colors, your branding
  • Meets Apple Podcasts guidelines

Make me look good…


Launch Strategy Coaching

  • Learn what makes a good launch
  • Cover art consulting and optimization
  • Strategy sheets to help you follow through
  • Social media, email, and promotional strategies
  • Done for you directory submissions
  • BONUS: 3 Motion video promos

Launch me!


Custom Music

  • Professional Composers
  • You give us the genre or style you want
  • Our composers create it
  • Commercial use license provided
  • You won’t hear it on another show
  • It’s yours, for your brand

Rock on, Dude!


Email Opt-in Lead Magnets

  • Episode-specific action sheets for listeners to download
  • Add true value to listeners
  • Explode your email list
  • Connect w listeners on demand
  • Integrate w Leadpages, Convert Kit, etc.
  • Done for you, from creation to posting

Engage Me!


Podcast Production Services Under Construction...


Episodic Artwork

  • Artwork created FOR you, every episode
  • Matches your brand
  • Uses your logo (if you wish)
  • For website, YouTube, iTunes – any format
  • Produced right along with audio or show notes

Coming Soon


Promotional Audiograms

  • Audio teasers from your episode
  • Professional graphics
  • Branded to your specs
  • Motion wave form gets attention
  • Changing titles, guest images, etc.
  • How-to instruction for best use
  • Stand out on social media

Coming Soon


SEO Optimization Service

  • SEO-based show notes evaluation
  • Relevant, high-value back links found
  • Approved links updated on your show notes pages
  • Discovery opportunities researched
  • Deep-dive recommendations for you
  • Done-for-you deep dive available

Coming Soon


Private Podcasting

  • Business use, private distribution
  • Communicate to your team only
  • On-site coaching and setup available
  • Totally secure, no breech of access
  • How to Podcast training included as needed

Coming Soon

I really couldn’t be happier. It’s been a relief to know I just drop a link into a spreadsheet and then *POOF* – like magic my show notes are done and the podcast is uploaded and out the door on all platforms. Whew!​ I literally don’t even have to think about the show getting published. I can cross it off my list and consider it done as soon as I hand it off the finished recording. The Podcast Fast Track service has made the podcast feel like a more manageable part of my business. My show has been one of the best things I’ve ever created – I love it, my audience loves it, and it’s helped my business grow in many ways. BUT, there are parts of it that always felt like a chore. It’s no longer this way – I now get to do just the parts I love and focus the extra time and mental energy on other things that *only* I can do. Thank you! ​
Sew Heidi

Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, The Successful Fashion Designer Podcast


Get a Quote For The Basics - Want More? We'll Talk From There

​Carey Green and the team at Podcast Fast Track are awesome. Since handing over my podcast editing and show notes creation, I’ve been able to take my content to a new level. They are super responsive and easy to work with.

Roger Whitney

CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF®, The Retirement Answer Man Podcast


Why Us And Not Another Company?

you are the reason we do podcast production as well as we do (1)

Though we are a podcast production service, that’s really our 2nd priority…First, we care about YOU – and YOUR message.

You’re a person to us, not a number.

From our personalized video onboarding sessions with clients to our periodic thank you notes and gifts throughout the year, we work hard to let you know that YOU are the reason we do this podcast production thing.

And while we’re talking about you… here’s a few other things…

#1 – We don’t see you with dollar signs tattooed on your forehead (though that would be quite a tattoo).

#2 – Your audio and written resources are not just a “product” to us, they are an expression of who you are and the brand you are trying to communicate to the world. We take that seriously – from the first moment we connect with you.

#3 – We make sure that ever member of our team cares about what you’re doing and adds that special little touch of love to everything we produce on your behalf.If they don’t, they won’t be on our team for long.

And we are willing to stand behind our commitment to YOU through this guarantee…

The PFT Podcast Production Guarantee

If any MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION CLIENT follows our GUIDELINES FOR CONTENT PROVISION AND COMMUNICATION – then your podcast production services will be published ON TIME, EVERY TIME at the HIGHEST QUALITY or we will REFUND YOU the cost for that episode.


How our commitment to YOU impacts what we do…

We do what we say. We say what we mean.

We’re committed…

Not only to helping you spread the message that’s so important to you, but helping you, period.

We don’t overprice…

to get an extra buck here and there. We charge what we have to charge in order to pay our team well and make a profit (this IS a business, after all).

We deliver on time.

You can rely on us to deliver what we say we will deliver, when we say we will deliver it.

We figure it out.

If there’s a technical problem, a system or procedure problem, or a communication problem – it’s not a problem for long.

We aim higher.

Customer satisfaction is expected. Customer delight is our aim (and we have good aim).


Our podcast production is entirely mapped out for you - 1How We Pull It Off For YOU

A-players only need apply. 

We only hire people with the integrity and skills to make us better at what we do.

Specialized training.

Every team member goes through our proprietary training for their role.

Always learning.

Weekly team communication, process updates, and tweaks in light of tech and industry changes are part of what we do.

In-house teams.

We NEVER hire out client work to the cheapest bidder or out-of-the-way country. Our team does our work. Period.

System-driven workflows.

We use systematized checklists and processes to ensure quality for every client, every time.


Podcast Production & Audio Editing Designed For YOU

What you want.

We actually LISTEN to our clients to find out what they want their audio to sound like and we make it so (What an idea!).


We professionally optimize client audio to the highest professional standards – and help you understand what we’re doing and why.

Up to date.

We use up to date technology and practices. We consistently recommend cutting edge practices to clients ongoing, so they can improve as they go.

Goldilocks editing philosophy.

We edit for comprehension, clarity, and enjoyment for the end-listener – not too much, not too little. Just right! (Goldilocks, get it?)


Want to change your episode format? No problem. Want to try an entirely different approach? We’re here to make it happen for YOU.


Show Notes Creation And Posting As An Integral Part of Your Podcast Production

Skilled writers.

It sounds silly to say, but we only hire GREAT writers. They have to be that way when they come to us… then we train them up to our standard.

Copywriting skills

We teach our writers web copywriting and keep them up to date on the latest in SEO so client pages actually have a chance of ranking in search.

SEO University

Our writers go through our mini SEO university so they can understand web search tech, keyword research and optimization, and linking practices.

Website Expertise

We teach our team In-depth familiarity with popular website and media host platforms. Our writers learn them forwards and backwards.

We excel at podcast production to help YOU get your great message into the world.


Don't Miss Out On What A PROFESSIONAL Podcast Editing And Show Notes Service Can Do For YOUR Podcast

podcast production can help your show stand out (1)The audio editing and show notes creation necessary to create a professional, entertianing, and truly valuable listening experience for your audience is essential.

ESPECIALLY with somewhere around 400 new podcasts per DAY submitted to Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) and other directories. Why?

Because the more podcasts that show up in the directories, the more competition you’ll have for listeners who are interested in the topics you podcast about.

That means quality CONTENT (which is up to you) and quality PRODUCTION (which is OUR expertise) will set you apart from other shows.


But time is the issue… right?


How Much Time Do YOU Spend On Audio Editing, Show Notes, Promotion, And Posting For Each Episode?

That’s a lot of time.

Every episode. Week after week.

It’s painful just to THINK about it!

What if you focused on creating killer, actionable, appealing, audience-pleasing content (the things you’re good at) and leave the technical mumbo-jumbo of your podcast production to us (the things WE are good at)?

Then you’d HAVE the time to do what you REALLY want to do (family, grow your business, take a trip… whatever).

After all, it IS all about you – at least from our perspective.


We ONLY Work With Amazing People. Here's What A Few Of Them Have To Say...

Carey and his team at Podcast Fast Track are awesome! As a business owner, it’s so helpful to be able to upload my audio and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will be taken care of and in the best and most professional way possible. I’m super happy that I made the decision to work with Carey and his team!

Tony Grebmeier

Entrepreneur, CEO, The Be Fullfilled Podcast

Everyone is wonderful to work with. Carey’s tips have helped improve my show and they will move the moon to make sure the show gets put together even when I’ve messed up a file. The Podcast Fast Track team DEFINITELY looks out for their clients!
Stacey Higginbotham

IOT Expert and Podcaster, The Internet of Things Podcast

We wanted an audio engineering team that were excellent at what they did and human in how they did it. We got both. We are very pleased with Carey and his team.

Dane Sanders

Author, Speaker, Coach, Business Owner, Converge: The Business of Creativity Podcast


Get To Know The PFT Team Of Experienced Professionals

we are podcast production mutants - 1 (1)

If being seriously obsessed with making our clients happy by providing the absolute best podcast production services, makes us mutants… we’ll gladly take accept the title. 🙂

We are a team of professionals audio editors/producers, designers, artists, and writers who love to amplify great things that are going out into the world.

And we’re careful that we only work with people communicating those kinds of messages.

That’s you, right?

And we love podcasting. That much should be obvious by now.

Our team knows the tools they use expertlybut they keep learning as if they didn’t.

We’re strange like that.

ok, maybe we are podcast production mutants (1)But we’re also human. We make mistakes – sometimes.

If there’s a problem, we fix it asap. If a client is disappointed, that kills us – we’ll move heaven and earth if we can to make it right.

In short (too late) we strive to thrill our clients day after day after day after… you get the point, right?

So that’s us. We’d love to know more about YOU.



More Of The Great People We Work With...

I was spending anywhere between 6-8 hours cleaning, editing, and producing my podcast episodes. It was OK at the start but it was keeping me from moving forward in my business! Thankfully, Carey reached out to me at the right time and I jumped on board without hesitation! Their expert level support and technical prowess has allowed me to publish higher quality podcasts more quickly, and without bogging my business down. A small price to pay for peace of mind!

John Michaloudis

Entrepreneur, Excel Specialist, My Excel Online Podcast

I love what you are doing, Carey. It’s taken my podcast to a new level. You and your team do really good work. You’re conscientious and are excellent at the lost art of communication.
Anthony Iannarino

Author, Speaker, Sales Coach, In The Arena Podcast

I learned about Podcast Fast Track from another podcaster when I was just getting started. That person was explaining the full editing process to me, then they ended the explanation with, “… or you could call Podcast Fast Track and they will do it all for you.” My schedule is busy as it is, so it just made sense to let an expert handle it. Outside of the quality product of course, what I most appreciate is that they have their process very systematized – making it much easier to be a customer.

Mark Goldman

Entrepreneur, Accountant, Life In Accounting Podcast

I was intimidated to start a podcast because the editing process seemed complicated. Podcast Fast Track allows me to focus on creating great content and leave the technical stuff to someone else. I often turn in recordings with problems and Podcast Fast Track makes them disappear!

Andrew Alleman

Entrepreneur, Domain Name Expert, Domain Name Wire Podcast


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Podcast Services

What if I've never done a podcast before? Where should I start?

We LOVE working with new podcasters. Your enthusiasm and starry-eyed excitement keep us going!

But you’re smart enough to know that you don’t know what you’re doing – right?

And it’s likely not the best use of your time to watch YouTube video after YouTube Video to figure it out on your own.

That’s why we have two options for you…

#1 – Our “How To Podcast Step By Step Course” (for those of you who like to get your hands dirty but want someone who’s been there to tell you what you need to know).

#2 – Our One on One Podcast Training (for those who want a guide very step of the way)

Until you complete one of those options, or get some experience under your belt some other way – we’re not able to help with your podcast production.

So we suggest you find out more about both of those options so we can get you started right away!

So tell me how the podcast editing service works...

Our audio editing service is about more than removing “umms” and “uhhhs.”

It’s about making the incredible content you’re recording even better.

We do that by focusing on two things.

#1 – Comprehension. We want to do everything we can to make what you’re saying, understood. That means technically (removing background noise, glitches, etc.) and, we work with the very words said in your audio to make them better understood (removing or modifying things that are distracting or unneeded).

#2 – Enjoyment & Enrichment. You’re doing your podcast to help people, right? We want to make the listening experience so smooth and easy, your listeners have no trouble getting what you’re trying to communicate.

We can’t give you that kind of quality by outsourcing the audio work to places that will do it for the lowest cost. We have to keep it in-house, with our own professional team of audio editors who not only know their craft and their software at expert levels, but who also go through OUR specific training to ensure they are editing according to those two criteria.

Our editors are among the best in the world. And it’s not bragging if it’s true.

Now THAT is professional podcast production. The kind you deserve.

🙂 Find out more about our incredible audio editing services.

How long of a commitment do you require?

Uhhh… none.

We do sign a service agreement with clients just so we all understand what podcast production services we’ll be doing for you – but there’s no term clients are locked into.

With a two-week notice either we or you can cancel services at any time for any reason.

Would I have an assigned member of your team, or just whoever is available?

You get your own personal editor or writer.

In fact, we HATE it that some podcasting services bounce their clients from team member to team member in order to cut costs.

Where’s the world-class service in that?

After a 2-ish week period just after our clients come onboard, we hand-select the team member we feel best suits your needs as a client, then we make a personal introduction so you know exactly who is working on your podcast production week to week.

You’ll be able to connect with that person anytime you want – work out details – refine things as you go – even change stuff as you like.

Our team of professionals can handle it. Guaranteed.

Can you help me promote my show?

Yes. Yes we can. Sort of… 😉

You’re about to learn THE formula for a successful podcast… ready?

Great content + Consistency + Time = Success

The consistency piece is where promotional efforts come in. You want to be letting people KNOW ABOUT your great content or else… well, they won’t know about it. 😉

We have a handful of monthly subscription services aimed at helping your podcast get the attention it needs in order to help the people you’re trying to help.

Currently, here’s the main thing we do to help get your show noticed…

And coming soon…

  • Motion Clips for Social Media (They are called “Audiograms” – you’ve seen them… find out how you can get them for your episodes)
  • Podcast consulting (get professional feedback to incrementally improve what you’re already doing well)
  • Podcast Launch Strategy (how to make the most of your podcast’s debut. No guarantees, because effectiveness depends on your efforts – but you’ll have the tools you need to make it happen)
Show notes too, huh? What makes yours so special?

Show notes are a pain. We know. But they are an extremely vital part of your podcast production.

Sure, you don’t have to have show notes in order to publish a good quality podcast. But show notes do some amazing things for you that honestly, most podcasters don’t give enough thought to.

#1 – Show notes serve your listeners as a great resource (think: episode descriptions on the podcast player they are able to access immediately)

#2 – Show notes work WITH the way the internet works – presenting SEO-vital keywords and phrases for people who are looking for exactly what you broadcast.

And we continually work to keep up with the latest SEO and web copywriting techniques so our client’s show notes are always improving, always iterating to make the most of how the internet works.

That means our client’s show notes are continually attracting new potential listeners and converting them into listeners, and hopefully subscribers.

Isn’t that the GOAL of all your podcast production efforts?

Find out more about the benefits of great show notes.

What does your podcast production service cost?

We don’t do cookie cutter podcast production services.

In fact, we hate that kind of pricing. OK – hate is a strong word.

Let’s just say we very much dislike it. 🙂

Why do we very much dislike it?

Because YOU are not cookie cutter. Neither is your podcast.

So… we set up our podcast production in monthly subscription pricing based on what you actually need, not a bunch of things we ASSUME you need.

If you’d like a show-specific quote, we’re happy to give you one.

Start your podcast production journey here.

How quickly do you turn around work for your clients?

That’s a smart question. And the answer is: IT DEPENDS. 😉

If you are one of our great “audio editing only” clients, or one of our “show notes only” clients, the turnaround time is 48 hours – from the time we receive your content to the time you can expect it to be scheduled or provided to you.

If you are what we refer to as a COMBO client (doing both audio production and show notes with us) then your turn around time is 72 hours – from the time we receive your content to the time you can expect it to be scheduled or provided to you.

And you need to know this too:

Those time frames DO NOT include weekends (we never ask our team to work over the weekend).

And one more thing – if you add additional services to any of those services (episode images, promotional motion videos, lead magnets, etc.) then you can expect a tad more time will be required.

How does the workflow work?

Systems, systems, systems! We LOVE systems!

That’s how we ensure we can give you quality podcast production services every single episode.

All of our services hinge on the efficient use of Dropbox and Google Docs – primarily.

Clients will need accounts with both of those service providers – and the free accounts they offer may be enough.

In a nutshell, here’s what happens…

  1. You hit the “stop” button on your recording
  2. You provide us your resources
  3. Our audio editor gets the audio portion done (if applicable)
  4. Our show notes writer goes into creation mode (if applicable)
  5. Your resources are scheduled where and how you want them
  6. We do it all again for the next episode

We’ve thought it through and figured it out, and experience it running smoothly for clients week after week, episode after episode.

We are NOT one of those “figure it out as we go” podcast production services.

We’ve got this thing wired so you don’t have any reason to worry.

I'm ready to hire you for my podcast production. What are the next steps?

If you’ve never published a podcast before…

…we would love to work with you to get your audio editing and show notes done – but not yet.

We require that you first understand the basics of podcasting so that when we work with you on various things, you understand what we’re talking about.

Yes, there’s a financial investment (at least $99 for our DIY course, more for one on one training) but it shows you and us that you’re serious.

And the value you’ll get is worth far more than that. Find out about both options here.

If you’re an experienced podcaster already…

  • Check out our “Why” page
  • Decide if we’re a good company for you to work with for your podcast production
  • Set up a time to chat so we can get to know you and you can get to know us (and we’ll give you a precise quote for your show)

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